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Rocket to the sky with Rocket Farting Chicken! Collect as much food as possible to keep farting your way up! Every hot dog, hamburger and pizza slice counts. They will build up the gas to launch you into Space. But be careful...! The Anti-Fart Police are hiding and Anti-Fart vegetables can zing out at you when you least expect it. Challenge your friends by posting on Facebook how far you farted.

About Pimovi Games

PimoviGames is the brainchild of a semi-older person (“the Boss”) and a younger, 19-year-old gamer, both from Melbourne, Australia.

During a CoderDojo meeting for 10 – 12 year-olds at a school in Dandenong, in Melbourne’s North, several large pizzas, heavy with salami, were provided for lunch.

The Boss was sitting behind a row of kids after lunch and the noise and smell were overpowering as gas came out very freely and the would-be coders nudged each other and pointed fingers at who was to blame.

That’ll do for a game said the Boss. We’ll do a chicken who eats junk food so much it powers him to the sky like a rocket. PimoviGames was born. Sequels and other games are planned.

How to Play ? Rocket Farting Chicken

  1. To Play Swipe your finger left and right across the screen
  2. Collect every Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pizza, BBQ Ribs, Taco and Burrito you can to keep your Fart-o-Meter up
  3. But watch out for the Anti-Fart Broccoli as it will reduce your Fart-o-Meter and score

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See what’s included in the App

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